by Barisera

A turkish truck driver, Ilyas Selimoglu, 42 years old, was arrested for facilitation of clandestine immigration.

It was not a tourism bus but a turkish articulated lorry. However, if necessary, criminal organizations without any scruples, transform it in human lives container. There were even 27 life on the truck stopped by  the borderline Police of Bari seaport.

This time, no false bottom. The human  trafficker  utilized the regular cargo compartment of the goods to transport people. “Guests” , 5 women and 22 men all of Afghan nationality, were in normal health conditions despite the long and painful travel.  The turkish truck driver, Ilyas Selimoglu, 42 years old, was arrested for aiding clandestine immigration.  After a report arrived to the Police of Bari seaport, referring to a Turkish lorry just disembarked from Greece suspected of clandestine human lives transportation, the Investigative Police Officers in collaboration with the Direzione Investigativa Antimafia started to look for the truck.

It was intercepted shortly after: it was parked in the bend of Marisabella.  After an external summary control, it was regularly blocked by a plastic coated wire, cored wire, the concluding part of the entire perimeter of the sheet provided with the Customs seal. However, despite seemingly intact, the Police did not escape a strange concealment of a portion of the wire, hidden behind the rear door handles. Suspecting there were illegal immigrants on board, investigators used x-ray to control the truck with the Silhouette scanner equipment, which actually showed the presence of a large number of stowaways in the cargo compartment of the goods. The 27 Afghans, fortunately, were not physically tested as many of their predecessors in misfortune.

Investigations have revealed that the group of desperate  paid a sum of $ 2,000 per person in a criminal organization to reach Greece illegally.  Arrived in Athens, the 27 foreigners have been entrusted to another human trafficker, which organized the trip to Italy  for € 3,000 more per head. Accompanied in Thessaloniki, they climbed into the truck driven by  turkish Selimoglu whose job was to drive they in Italy and let they get off in a indefinite place.

The truck driver was arrested while the illegal immigrants returned in their country  by a motorship. The truck, with all the merchandise was seized. For the 27 Afghans is the end of a dream, perhaps chased for a lifetime. In addition, they return to their land with nearly 5 thousand euro less in their pockets.

(translated by Kreattiva)