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Labour exploitation is a growing human rights threat in Europe

by Human Rights Europe

Council of Europe report confirms an increase in cases of trafficking for labour exploitation

Hackonomics: the street prices of illegal (virtual) goods

by ZDNet

"Cyber black market" estimated to be more profitable than global illegal drug trade

Unholy alliances - Montenegro: buying up paradise


Serbian businessman Stanko Subotic planned to turn a small coastal city into the next Monte Carlo. But crime, cigarettes, greed and bad luck got in the way

Unholy alliances - Montenegro: Football, Politics, and Cocaine


Documents reveal a secret deal between officials of Montenegro's ruling political party and indicted cocaine smuggler Darko Saric

Ukraine's smugglers, the real-life Lords of War

by The Telegraph

Crimea is a key node in international smuggling and is likely to become even more important after recent events

Spain cracks down on Latin American gangs

by Infosurhoy

Recent arrests highlight latest presence of MS-13 in Europe

Italian mob has EUR 200bln annual budget

by EU Observer

Bigger than that of the EU. And 90% of it is invested overseas

Alleged Balkan drugs boss denies cocaine charges

by Reuters

Darko Saric, arrested last week, denied on Monday any involvement in trafficking cocaine from Latin America to Europe

The camorra's killing fields

by The Daily Beast

The grim reality of the 'Land of Fires'

Serbian police arrests alleged drug lord

by Headlines & Global News

Darko Saric, in hiding since 2009 and charged with international cocaine trafficking, arrested on Tuesday