Darko Saric’s associates arrested

by Mondo

On 14th April the police arrested 3 suspects accused of organizing the delivery and transport of one part of the total shipment of two tons of cocaine in September 2009 which was seized from the group led by the runaway Darko Saric

As the prosecutor said in the announcement, those arrested are Boban Stojiljković and Aleksandra Mišić from Vranje and Marko Dabović from Belgrade. On this occasion he reminded that the criminal investigations regarding the seizure of 2,174 kg of cocaine in Uruguay are being led in Serbia, Italy, Slovenia, Brazil and Uruguay.

These three arrested are suspected of organizing the delivery and transport of 990 kg of cocaine in September 2009 which was seized in mid-October the same year on the “Maui” yacht as part of the total shipment of 2,174 kg of cocaine.

Miljko Radisavljević, organized crime prosecutor, said Stojiljković and Dabović had travelled to Brazil in September via Rome and Athens for the purpose of organizing illegal drug trafficking.

On this occasion Dabović used a British passport issued on the name Peter Arnold which contained his photo while Stojiljković used a Slovakian passport on his own name having in mind that he is a citizen of Slovakia.

Stojiljković owned an apartment in Slovakia which was used as registered place of residence for Darko Šarić and Bojan Stanojković. Several apartments and business centres are being searched at the moment in Belgrade and in Vranje which have been used by these people.

They will be heard out as suspects after the search and then taken to the investigative judge of the Special department of the Higher Court in Belgrade.

This action was undertaken in cooperation with the organized crime Prosecution and the Security-information agency which mean that another criminal investigation has been brought to an end regarding the drug trafficking from Latin America to Europe.

The first arrests happened on October 15, 2009 and several criminal investigations against the Saric group are happening at the moment Darko Saric is at large, and there is an international warrant after him.

Editing and translation by Milan Petrovic