Albanian mafia behind Swiss heroin market

by B92

Swiss media say that all heroin smuggling groups that have so far been discovered in Switzerland are Albanian or "citizens of Kosovo".

Geneva Deputy Public Prosecutor Yves Bertossa has stated that the Albanian mafia is one of the most powerful ones among nine identified mafias in the world, Geneva-based daily Tribune de Geneve reported.

Geneva police discovered 40.4 kilograms of heroin last year, 38 kilograms in 2008 and as much as 44 kilograms in 2007.

“Albanian and Kosovo citizens’ mafia controls the entire network of heroin trafficking in Geneva, from wholesale to dealing in the streets,” Bertossa was quoted as saying by daily 20 Minuten and weekly L’Hebdo.

The Geneva deputy public prosecutor added that the criminal organization “is laundering a part of income in Geneva economy, restaurants, bars, real estate and cabarets”.

According to him, the drugs are transported from Afghanistan through Turkey, Pakistan, Iran and the Balkans into Europe.