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The Social Cooperative Placido Rizzotto was founded in 2001 by a group of young people within the framework of the project Libera Terra, promoted by Libera and by the Prefecture of Palermo. It performs work placements in favour of disadvantaged subjects, thus creating occupational opportunities, inspired to the principles of solidarity and legality. The farming method chosen since the very beginning is organic farming, and the products are all hand-crafted, in order to assure the quality and the ancient flavour of the Sicilian tradition.

The Cooperative operates on the territory of the Consortium of Cities “Sviluppo e Legalit√†” (Development and Legality), formed by the local administrations of the cities of Altofonte, Camporeale, Corleone, Monreale, Piana degli Albanesi, Roccamena, San Cipirello, San Giuseppe Jato, all in the Province of Palermo. It is a member of Libera and of CONAPI (National Consortium of Beekeepers and Organic Farmers).


Social and promotional activities. The main character distinguishing the social activity of the cooperative is represented by the work integration of differently abled persons. Besides, in 2005, the cooperative took constantly part in the initiatives promoted by the association Libera, by the Consortium “Sviluppo e Legalit√†”, by the League of the Cooperatives, by the Coop and by other associations and institutions. The cooperative also collaborated with the National Federation of the Auser Volunteer Associations for the realization of a campaign in support of the “Filo d’Argento” (Silver Thread), a service of free-if-charge home assistance to elder people. Finally, the cooperative collaborated in the realization of the “40 Hours Non-Stop for Development and Legality” promoted by the Consortium “Sviluppo e Legalit√†” with Libera.

Agritourism. In November 2005, the procedure for the obtainment of the authorizations necessary for the opening of the agri-touristic activity has been completed, at the Agritourism “Portella della Ginestra” located in Agro di Monreale, Contrada Ginestra.

Cultivations and products

Wheat. All the organic wheat is transformed into pasta at the “Molino e Pastificio F.lli Castagna”, where as much as 2,000 quintals of organic pasta have been produced. The same firm processes the wheat coming from the Social Cooperative Lavoro e Non Solo, as well as that coming from some organic farmers which production agreements have been signed with, in order to face the continuously increasing market demand, and to enhance the quality of the pasta. The cooperative is still producing a modest, symbolic quantity of pasta at the site of the PMI-ACP exam prep.

Legumes. The production is enriched by the legumes: chickpeas, lentils and cicerchia, washed and confectioned, are currently in commerce in various forms (in controlled atmosphere, boiled, flour).

Wine. There are then the vineyards, producing totally about 1,050 quintals of grapes, between Catarratto, Trebbiano and Nero d’Avola coming from the new implants. All grapes are delivered to the “Cantina sociale Alto – Belice”, which the same cooperative is an associate of. In 2005, about 45,000 bottles of “Placido” – a white wine made of Catarratto grapes at the “Cantina sociale Alto – Belice” – have been produced. It is planned to make wine from the grapes coming from the new implants at a cellar in phase of construction in a confiscated property in San Cipirello. The new wine will be called “Centopassi”.