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Study Centre

The model of confiscation of criminal assets and their social re-use as best practice to counter organised crime

FLARE is conducting studies with the aim of proposing a European Directive concerning the confiscation of criminal assets and their re-use for social purposes, following the model given by the Italian legislation: Law 109/1996. The implementation of such law into the Italian juridical system was made possible through the collection of one million subscriptions around the country, promoted by the association Libera, associations names and numbers against mafias

Given these aims, two study groups have been created:


::: Round Table

In order to get an overlook of the Italian experience on confiscation and re-use of confiscated assets FLARE decided to institute a round table made of professionals with a relevant experience on the matter from different perspectives.


FLARE's Round Table is composed by:

  • representatives of Italian governmental institutions that are directly involved in the process of confiscation and re-use
  • judges
  • members of other ngos that are promoting this model in Italy
  • representatives of local authorities actively involved
  • members of the cooperatives that are actually working with confiscated assets,
  • members of European institutions
  • representatives of the European Parliament
  • university professors of law.

The tasks of this study group are as follows:

  • to evaluate the Italian system and to understand what works and what does not.
  • to draw guiding principles constituting the foundations of this legislation that can be implemented into a European Directive.  

::: Scientific committee

FLARE's Scientific Committee is mainly composed by university professors, phd students and researchers. The aim is to produce an index and a research.

The index will analize the juridical countermeasures carried out by the 27 countries of the European Union against organised crime.

The purpose of the index is also to give public opinion a neutral point of view concerning the efforts that each country makes in the fight against organised crime. The intention is for the index to become a quick and immediate tool of evaluation of the commitment that each country puts in this effort.

The research will evaluate the impact of “criminal businesses” onto EU members' legal economies.