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Germany: ECHO2 against money laundering

by FLARE Network

The first meeting of ECHO2 project takes place in Berlin, Germany. Money laundering is the topic that involves over 40 people from 7 countries.

FLARE's new President and Board of Directors

The new President, Franco La Torre, will be backed by Board of Directors members from Netherlands, Montenegro, Romania and Italy.

Best International Organised Crime Report 2012
Apply now!

The competition for the production of two investigative journalistic video documentaries on the issues of transnational organised crime and corruption is open. Apply now!

OLE - Otranto Legality Experience 2011. Apply now!

by FLARE Network, Libera

Otranto Legality Experience is a unique opportunity to investigate issues related to the relationship between organised crime and globalisation, through workshops, seminars and discussions held by Italian and international speakers.

Finalists of Best International Organised Crime Report

by FLARE Network

At the Ilaria Alpi Television Journalism Award, the finalists of the Best International Organised Crime Report 2011 are aired for the public. After the projections, the winner will be awarded a € 2.000 prize.



On 20th April Marina Tsapok, FLARE's Regional Desk Coordinator in Kyiv, as well as a member of the International Observation Mission in Minsk and coordinator of the work of the Kyiv Informational Center of the Committee on International Control over the Human Rights Situation in Belarus, was denied access to the territory of Belarus

Legality Tour in Bulgaria!

by FLARE Network

The tour is a set of free-entrance performances with music and dances dedicated to the fight against corruption and organised crime.

OC, corruption and human rights: Conference at the EU Parliament

by FLARE Network

December 9th is the International Anti-Corruption Day, designated by the UN General Assembly in 2003. December 10th is the Human Rights Day, celebrated annually across the world.

European Forum of students for legality

by FLARE21

The European Forum of Students for Legality will take place in the European Capital of Youth - Torino, Italy from the 5th - 7th December 2010.

EU and the fight against OC: Possibilities for the future


A conference about the role of the European Union in the struggle against transnational organised crime