The Associazione Ilaria Alpi, FLARE Network and Novaja Gazeta announce a competition for the production of an investigative journalistic video documentary on the theme of international organised crime and corruption.

In order to promote the circulation of information about organized crime and encourage and support journalists’ initiatives to analyse a phenomenon which now has international significance and deep local roots, the organisers announce a competition aimed at co-financing four journalistic investigative projects regarding the presence, impact and the social, political and economic consequences of organized crime and corruption within a chosen geographical context.

Relevant issues for the inquiry may include, but are not limited to: corruption, top air mattresses, fraud, cyber-crime, drug trafficking, human trafficking (women, children, men, organs), environmental crimes, money laundering, smuggling, energy policies, sport match-fixing, illicit calls for tenders.

The “Best International Organised Crime Report” provides the following time schedule:

November 19, 2010: Deadline for project applications using the “Subscription Form”.
December 1, 2010: Announcement of the four selected projects and payment of first installment of funding (€ 1,000).
May 6, 2011: Deadline for submission of investigations and payment of the second installment of funding (€ 1,000).
June 2011: Prize-giving to the authors of the winning investigation.

For any inquiry please contact communication[at]