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Tackling Illegal Economy: Seminar in Berlin

"Legal Instruments and Technical Tools against Organized Crime - Confiscation Today and Tomorrow"

Against the power of organised crime: a Europe of justice and people

Conference in Bobigny with Fabrice Rizzoli, FLARE France

"Libero Cinema in Libera Terra" in Paris

The eighth edition of Cinemovel's itinerant film festival visits France again

Money laundering and tax havens in Europe: the need for a civil response

A workshop and a conference in London on the impact of illegal economy on society

Bi2Le: BitonToLegality

Three days of seminars and workshops on the fight against crime and deviance - Bitonto, Italy

Memors. The first virtual museum of Porrajmos in Italy

The first virtual museum of Porrajmos has been put online on August 2, 2013

OLE: People Have the Power

The first action of the project TIE: Tackling Illegal Economy takes place in Marsala, Italy

Project MEMORS: Conference in Granada

"Porrajmos: Memory and Actuality" - public conference in Granada, Spain, in the framework of the project "MemoRS"

Project MEMORS: Conference in Bucharest

by redazione

On May 31, in Bucharest - Romania - a conference will be held in the framework of the project MemoRS, titled "Genocide and persecutions of Roma people during World War II"

Rome: Agora Transeuropa

by European Alternatives

The Agorà Transeuropa will gather experiences of an alternative Europe, to build dialogue and a cultural and political programme for a continent that wants to come back to life starting from its people, not its banks. The name agorà, referring to the first forms of democratic development in Europe, is meant to remind us of Greece, where democracy has been more visibly jeopardised.