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Central Asia: how to prevent and fight corruption ?

A conference in Brussels to stress the importance of passing the EU's experience in preventing and fighting corruption to the emerging countries of the Central Asia region

Workshops, projections and debates on organised crime

by Associazione Ilaria Alpi

Four workshops, nine video-enquiries and debates with experts form the contents of a two-day programme within the Ilaria Alpi Television Journalism Award in Riccione, Italy.

Mafias between illegality and legality

A conference in Paris to discuss about the legislative outlooks and the role of the civil society in the struggle against organised crime

Online training for human rights


A free online training course to improve knowledge and awareness on human rights issues

Seminar - Struggle to organised crime and rights of victims

A meeting dedicated to analyse the Italian and international legal framework to contrast organsed crime

Antimafia caravan

A caravan throughout Europe to say "no!" to organised crime.

Paris: Day of memory, victims and commitment against organised crime


An event in Paris to commemorate and reflect upon the victims of transnational organised crime

Day of Memory and Commitment in Remembrance of Victims of Organised Crime


The XVI Day of Memory and Commitment to Remember the Victims of the Mafia will take place in Potenza on 19th March

At Small Steps: for an ethics of everyday life

A round table to discuss about legality in Italy and Europe for the promotion of active citizenship

Master of Laws in International Crime and Justice


The Masters is jointly organized by the University of Turin, Faculty of Law and UNICRI, and is intended to offer a unique insight in International Criminal Law, its implementation, and the activities of International Organizations and Tribunals operating in this area.