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Contromafie 2014

The States General of the anti-mafia, Rome, Italy

RECAST: presentation of final results

The outcome and results of the project to be presented in a meeting at the European Commission in Brussels

Tackling Illegal Economy: Round table in Brussels

International seminar: "Tackling money laundering and tax heavens in Europe"

RECAST Project: final conference

"The social reuse of confiscated assets in the EU: from current experiences to common European standards", Palermo, Italy

RECAST: Public discussion in Sofia, BG

Management and disposal of seized and confiscated criminal assets in EU countries in the light of the new Directive on the freezing and confiscation of proceeds of crime in the European Union

Tackling Illegal Economy: Round table in Paris

"Tax evasion and Financial Criminality in Europe: New Forms of Fraud, New Social Struggles"

Second Chance Association announces TECoL Project

The Association Second Chance, based in Bourgas, Bulgaria, announced the project TECoL: Tools for Enforcing Competition Law

Tackling Illegal Economy: Seminar cycle in Stara Zagora

"Origin, State of the Art and Strategies for Combating Organised Crime and Illegal Structures in Bulgaria and Eastern Europe Over the Last Twenty Years"

Restarting the Future press conference

Launch of the new European campaign against corruption in Rome

FLARE France at the ENS Anti-mafia Day

A day dedicated to the anti-mafia at the École Normale Supérieure in Paris