Balkans: organised crime, politics and the European prospect - POSTPONED

FLARE and the Institute for Public Environment Reform hold a conference in Sofia in order to analise the realm of organised crime blended with political, under the scrutiny of the European institutions.

Balkan countries pass a helping hand to each other in the upcooming paramount international conference dedicated to the topic “Balkans: organised crime, politics and the European prospect”. The event prepared by FLARE and member organisations from the South Eastern European region is scheduled to take place on 12 January 2011 in the conference hall of the Jurists Union in Bulgaria at Pirotska 7 Street, Sofia. While some panelists are delivering speeches, the floor is also to be open for discussion.

In the early morning (09.00 until 10.45) prior to the Balkan conference, the same venue will host a Bulgaria-wide round-table organized by FLARE and the Institute for Public Environment Reform. The meeting will gather human right defenders, civil society organisations, experts, representatives of the judiciary and the law-enforcement bodies, decision- and policy-makers at all levels to discuss the current state of affairs in the realm of mafia blended with political actors being in progress under the scrutiny of the European institutions and partners. While general conclusions will be drafted and distributed to the competent authorities, participants will come up with common lessons learned to share.

In the second part of the day – the international conference shall dwell upon their experiences and deliver possible recommendations to their colleagues from the Balkans. At 11.00 the focal point will be how to derive important directions in the European integration of Western Balkans from the successful or not so successful attempts in lightening up the inter-related politics and mafia in EU newcomer Bulgaria. New lines for cooperation and networking triggered by FLARE will be drawn, understanding the bridge-building role of 2007 acceded state in the European trajectory ahead of the neighbouring non-EU Balkan countries.


Bulgarian panel

Domestic efforts against organised crime and shadow politics

Stoyan Kushlev, head of Bulgarian Criminal Assets Confiscation Commission

Kalin Georgiev, chief secretary of Ministry of Internal Affairs

Iskra Fidosova, member of parliament, chief author of the new Election Code

European drives for the anti-mafia reforms in Bulgaria

Kamelia Dimitrova, head of Security and European Integration Directorate at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Zhivko Todorov, leader of the Bulgarian delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe

Mariya Nedelcheva, MEP, member of the LIBE Committee (tbc)

Civil society responses to organised crime and shadow politics in Bulgaria

moderated by Antoaneta Hristova, Institute for Public Environment Reform

Balkan panel

Cutting off the bonds between organized crime and mafia in EU aspirant Balkan states

Ivo Kotevski, advisor in Ministry of Internal Affairs in Macedonia

Alberto Perduca, prosecutor, former official at EULEX Rule of law mission in Kosovo (under UN Resolution 1244/1999)

Milan Stefanovic, leader of Protecta NGO, head of Balkans office in FLARE

Opening rooms for civil society cooperation at Bulgaria-Western Balkans level

Discussion moderated by Rosen Dimov, expert on enlargement and neighbourhood policy with the European Commission (Bureau of European Policy Advisors)


Conference hall of the Jurists Union in Bulgaria at Pirotska 7 Street, Sofia.


Wednesday, January 12, 2011 at 09:00.


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