At Small Steps: for an ethics of everyday life

A round table to discuss about legality in Italy and Europe for the promotion of active citizenship

On the occasion of the opening of the Youngabout International Film Festival 2011 taking place in Bologna, Italy, from 14 to 17 March, an event has been organised to deepen the role of legality in Italy and Europe as an effective tool to promote active citizenship towards young generations.

At Small Steps: for an ethics of everyday life is the title of the round table that will take place on 14th March at 17:00 at Cappella Farnese (P.zza Maggiore 6). The discussion will see the participation of Maurizio Cevenini (councillor of Emilia Romagna Region), the MEP Salvatore Caronna, Daniele Borghi (Libera representative for the Emilia Romagna region) and Nello Ferrieri (Cinemovel). FLARE Network will participate at the event with EU Projects Officer Anna Lodeserto.

During the opening, the Angelo Vassallo Prize (dedicated to the Italian politician murdered by mafia in 2010) will be given to Andrea D'Ambrosio, co-author of the documentary-movie Biutiful Cauntri.

The event has been organised by the association Gli Anni In Tasca in partnership with the Emilia Romagna Legislative Assembly and Europe Direct and in collaboration with Libera, Flash Video and Codec TV.

Two Facebook fan pages have been created for the Youngabout Festival and the roundtable.


At Small Steps: for an ethics of everyday life
Monday 14th March 2011, h.17.00
Cappella Farnese, Maggiore 6, Bologna
Free entrance
Info: Europe Direct Emilia Romagna - ph. +39 051 5275122



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