We are a network of civil society organisations committed to the social struggle against transnational organised crime. Founded in 2008, we are composed of 38 NGOs from 25 countries across Europe, Mediterranean basin, Russian Federation, Caucasus and the Balkans.

The creation of an international organism committed to the social fight against trasnational organised crime is an idea of the Italian associations Libera, associations names and numbers against mafias and Terra del Fuoco.

Our headquarter is based in Turin, Italy, with branches offices in Brussels (Belgium), Nis (Republic of Serbia) and Kiev (Ukraine).

Organised crime is a transnational phenomenon able to operate within territories and populations far different from each other.

Considering this, we want to represent a new approach to tackle organised crime in Europe and neighbouring countries, by establishing a modus operandi which is alternative and complementary to the one developed by national institutions and law enforcement agencies.

Our work is focused on informing civil society about topics such as human trafficking, drug trafficking, corruption and information, eco-crimes, money laundering, illegal weapons trade and energy policies.
We also intend to support those people who have fallen victims of international organised crime by getting in touch with their families.
Youngsters too are a very important target group and tool for our activities as we believe the fight against organised crime begins with raising awareness among our young generations. Additionally, we intend to make pressure onto European Union institutions for implementing a model for countering transnational organised crime that entails the confiscation and the re-use of criminal assets for social purposes.

We are able to set in motion people from many countries through the efforts of our network, which represents an outstanding tool to give to the civil society a leading role in the fight against transnational organised crime.

To raise awareness about the diffusion and the influence of the organised crime phenomenon in Europe and in the surrounding areas, through social events, communication, youth engagement and consultancy;
To become a point of reference for civil societies in countering transnational organised crime, through support actions to national and international institutions;
To have the European Parliament proclaim March 21st “European Day in memory of the victims of the mafias and for the commitment in countering organised crime“;
To request the European Commission and the Council of Europe to legislate in the matter of re-use for social purposes of property and assets confiscated to international criminal organisations.
Board of directors:

Michele Curto (President, Italy), Roberto Forte (Executive director, Italy), Anna Innocenti (Italy), Alyona Obezdchikova (Russia), Karim Peham-Strauss (Austria), Roxana Smil (Romania), Milan Stefanovic (Serbia).