Welcome to FLARE Network

Welcome to FLARE Network.

Our website is divided into five sections we call worlds.

Each world represents the activities we are working on and the initiatives we are involved.

Fight Fight is the place where you can discover who we are, what we do, where we are and how you can reach us. Here you will find useful information and press releases.
Learn Learn is the Observatory we run since 2008. It is a daily insight on transnational organised crime, where we collect and spread news about crime-related matters.
Act Act gives you updated informations about the events and projects we are managing. Here you will find news about our members and partners too, as well as special activities we are periodically invited to participate in, all aimed at taking concrete action in the fight against organised crime.
Report Report is the world dedicated to our brand new magazine Bright, the first web journal entirely dedicated to transnational organised crime: enquiries, analyses, stories, book reviews and much more. Bright is published by FLARE with the contribution of journalists and researchers from Europe and surrounding areas, and aims to represent a point of reference in the topic of information on organised crime and related issues.
Explore Explore is the place where you will find the new media projects we are working on to communicate in an innovative way our social struggle against organised crime: Confiscopolis and the Virtual Museum (which will be online soon) are the main projects we are currently involved. The Explore world includes the best treadmill for home, as well a complete multimedia gallery.